Capt Fieros  85 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.9 Table of Contents!!!!!


Home Page  My main Page (where it all started)

Turbo Info.  This was a page that I started, it is not done yet.  But it does have good  Turbo Info for the Entry     Level Person

Spark Plug and Dist Wire Routing.  If you took all your spark plug wires off at one time you might need this page

Cam Spec Page  This is the cam that I put in my car

Things I learned during the Engine Build  Stuff that I am glad I learned for next time. (and there will be a next time)

Head Spec Page  Everything you could ever want to know about the stock Fiero heads, except the flow data.

Pics of Lisa's Car   Even my Girlfriend drives a Fiero. (updates with the new GT Nose, coming soon.

Its Done, and this is how it looks  Well after all my hard work, this is what I have to show for it.  Video coming soon.

Fiero Trans Ratio Page You say you want to go how fast in which gear, well this is the info that you need to find out what transaxle you want in your car, from the 4.10 4spd Muncie that has a top speed of about 100mph at redline to the 3.32 that will give you 2000 rpms at 60mph and if you had the power you could go over 200mph and yes it came stock in some Fiero's.

Pics of the Garage During the Conversion Man you should have seen the mess that I made when I got to work, well if you click this link you will see some of it.