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How to read chart. Using 84 econe as the example.
3.32 is like the rear end gears that number is multiplied times the individual gear ratio to find out the number of turns of the wheels in relation to the numbers of turns of the engine. In this case Most of the work is done for you. In this case 1st gear, will require the motor to spin 11.72  times for one rotation of the rear wheels. Meaning at 6000 rpms the rear wheel will be spinning 510.63 RPMS. This is a much higher rate than the 84 Perf. Ratio of 6000rpms = 414.65 in first gear.  What it boils down to is the bigger the number the quicker your car will be 0-60 but also the slower you will be in top end.  The smaller the number the slower you car will be 0-60 but you will be able to go say 100mph at only 2800rpms..  Now if you have a V8 or a souped up V6 you may find that the Econo Tranny can actually be faster because you can hold each gear longer.  Working with a 6000rpm redline and a 15" wheels you can go 100mph in 3rd gear with econo trans. That means you do not have to waste time shifting. Now you should have a basic understanding on trans ratios, the bigger the number the quicker you car can move the higher the number the better the gas mileage
    Just as a side note, both the 84 Transaxles
were Muncie's same as in the 85-86.5
V6 Cars.  The High Ratio trans offers the highest gears of any Fiero Trans even higher than the 5spd Getrag or the Isuzu.  The 4.10 Ratio is so low that  unless you are an in town driver or a drag racer most find it to rev happy on the freeway.