Pontiac Fiero / Chevrolet 2.8 Litre V6 in 1985 - 1988 Fiero's and 2.5 4cyl Fiero's from 84-88 Distributor Position and Spark Plug wire Position as set from GM.


Dist and DIS Wire Locations. Of special note, this is where the wires would be from the factory, if at some point in the last 20 years your dist shaft had been removed and not placed back in the factory location, the #1 position may have changed. You can always start with this layout and see if it works, if it does not, you will need to find out where your new #1 is. The simpiliest way is to remove your #1 spark plug and have someone turn the key is short quick bursts while you hold your finger on the plug hole, when you feel air pressure pushing your finger back, that means that #1 is at TDC Compression. Now look at your harmonic balancer and by hand, rotate the engine either forward or backward to line up with the timing mark closest to thet timing tab. Now look at your rotor and see where it is pointing. This is your #1 position. Set the #1 plug wire at that point on the dist cap and fire up the motor, now jump the ALDL between the seats and set the timing.



This copied from Eric Schneck of the big Fiero mailing list on Yahoo. 

    Just to give you a 2nd explination on the procedure. I cheat. Cylinder #1 is easy to find, so I pull the spark plug out of that and have someone bump the ignition while I hold my thumb over the hole. When the compression blows my thumb off, I stop. Then I use an old V6 distributor cap that I pulled the center plug out of and used a hole saw to enlarge it even bigger so that I have just the outer plugs there. I slip that on and look down inside to see where the rotor is pointing. The engine turns clockwise, and is usually just past the pole that fired by the time your thumb is blown off. Put your #1 wire there regardless of where it is and follow the rest of the diagram. It comes out right on every time for me. :)

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