This Page is about my 85GT that I have had for 9 years and has gone through a lot. I got the car in October of 94 about 9 years ago for 2950$ USD.  From a dealer in Oregon, the car had a full load of options power everything right down to A/C and Leather Seats.  When I first looked into the engine bay and saw the bright red FIERO peering back at me I was in love.  I took the car home that night.  Well to simply say it has been a rough road the past 9 years is an understatement.  I have blown up 2 motors so far, the 3rd is in the car now and getting ready to be removed due to a lifter noise. It is currently got its 4th tranny installed.   With all the problems that the car has had, it now has nearly 340,000 miles on it. I have upgraded the brakes to Grand Am, installed remote keyless entry for doors and trunk, installed a sub woofer, amp and CD player. Tossed the stock wheels and got a set of 3 spoke 16's for it. Tires are now 225/50/16 front and 245/50/16 rear.
This is a Pic from the 2003 Arlington Fiero Picnic  that I was at..
NEW See the Garage and Engine Build in Progress
New Engine info.
Bored from 2.8 -2.9
New higher compression pistons 9.50-1 with Chrom-Moly Rings. New cam and main and rod bearings bearings, block was hot tanked.
Heads got decked .010 and  a multi angle valve job.
Also installed 1.52 ratio roller tip rockers
Camshaft lift at valves is ..426 intake and exhaust. (stock is .393 and .410)
Exhaust Manifolds are ported for better flow
19# injectors were installed to keep up with added displacement and fuel req. of the camshaft.(stock are 15#)
 With the 3.32 Trans and the  .73 ratio  4th gear The kicker is near 34 mpg on the freeway.
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My Info:
My Car has got an auto, I just bought an 84 with the a 3.32 4spd Muncie I am going to use the  4spd in this new motor combo.  So the car is going to go from a tired worn out 2.8 Auto to a hot rod 2.9 4spd.
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